1. Our clients

We have help hundreds of clients achieve their dream. All of them had to go through a process to make certain they get the home they expect in an efficient manner for them and our delivery team. Start here!

2. Site Selection

If you are in the land acquisition phase you should know that the home or cabin that you select will fit and also have beneficial placement for North, South East West views.

3. Foundation Selection

There are several foundation types to build upon and it is important for you to know what type your property will allow. Considerations are the soil type as in the case of solid granite it would be cost prohibitive for a basement and so on.Your percolate test will tend to narrow the choice. 

4. Cabin Model Selection

At this point you probably browsed our models and don't forget we also do custom home design as well. You should also have figured the property site exposure and foundation type options. Now you can select cabin size and model. 

5. Design Session

In order to start the design process you should have land, an idea of the exposure, model of the home, banking pre-approvals or cash requirements as well as a list of General Contractors or if you are going to be an owner builder. 

6. Final Design Approval

Once we completed the initial Design Session we will do some behind the scenes work and call you back with a calendar invite to go over the final approval checklist.

7. Final Quote

Although our estimated costs are very reliable for budgetary numbers they cannot be finalized until we finish the design process as each home is unique as our owners are. 

8. Payment

Our experience in design will allow you to understand the costs as they relate to your budget vs your wishes. In any big ticket item we have great taste but sometimes we have to make choices, we help with those options.

9. Shipping

We quote shipping rates from our reliable truckers. This is something you can do or use our expertise.

Construction Support

We sell a construction support package that allows your contractor or engineers to call us with any questions engineering drawing portal and free change order drawings for our clients that just have to tweak things.