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Blue stainded Ponderosa Pine paneling
BL&L has some of the most unique woods available

Whether you are building your dream log homes or changing that dated vacation home into a brand new log cabin we offer wood exterior log sidings and log accents as well as 2x6 tongue and groove ceiling decking at mill direct prices. By working together we can keep your lumber costs down and your dreams up. We are an Oregon lumber wholesale company for both the Log Home builders and homeowners. Bray Log & Lumber is about putting Americans to work since our products are US made whenever possible and always the highest quality.  Let us help you turn your Log Home, Timber Frame or Log Siding remodel into a reality.

Oregon Trail Cabin circa 1890

Bray Log & Lumber has been a supplier for the log home industry for 12 years, supplying quality Log Home products at wholesale prices. We work to be the most dependable suppliers in the Country, focusing on real wood log home products by top producers. Our specialty is House Logs, Log Siding and Douglas Fir Timbers and trusses, pine paneling along with log accents. Our house logs and half log sidings are made from every species from all areas of America holding down your shipping costs. We have added western cedar log sidings and cabins to give our customers the highest quality at reasonable pricing.


Our Log packages range from 6x6 D Logs to 14 inch Swedish Cope House Logs in both spruce and cedar. We also supply log home products such as custom cut Douglas Fir Timbers and can even provide hardwood timbers and trusses. Our latest value is our Douglas Fir flooring we are providing at special pricing we have on our flooring page. We can supply knotty pine paneling and finish products as well as log accents that make the finishing of Log Home and Timber Frames dramatic.

The interior of your Log Home can be finished with 2x6 Tongue and Groove ceiling decking for as well as natural wood paneling. Our T&G paneling can be in pine, spruce or cedar to match your House Logs and Half Log Siding. The 2x6 ceiling decking can either be a whitish spruce and pine look or the distinctive reddish Douglas fir or even cedar. You can even go to the rustic barn siding if you desire. Our wood floorings range from Doug Fir, pine or hardwoods.

Finding quality log exterior siding or interior wood paneling can be a time consuming task. At Bray L&L we take the work out with dependable sources for your log cabin logs, half log sidings or flat hand hewn siding as well as providing dependable transportation. With years in the lumber wholesale business we have mill direct supply nobody can match. We supply a wide variety of products that are unique to make your home stand out. With our services program we can supply your home from foundation to phones to security services. Give Bray Log & Lumber a chance to earn and keep your business. 

Enjoy your stay.

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